Measuring Vehicle Sensor Resistance

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I’m trying to measure the resistance of a vehicle abs sensor and a bit confused with the readings I’m getting on different digital meter settings?

I detail below the various multi meter settings and readings for the same sensor;

2M .530

200k 72.7

20k 15.21

2k .708

200 no reading

To me these readings don’t make sense?


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The sensor and only the sensor out of circuit is only a passive coil and they range anywhere between 800 ohms and 2,000 ohms. Assuming a known good meter it should not matter what range as long as the range encompasses 800 ohms to about 2 K ohm. When a wheel is spinning the sensor should output an AC voltage, I forget what raw sensor voltage is but setting a good DMM to AC and spinning the hub should produce an AC voltage. Nothing is a bad sensor.

When connecting a meter to the sensor make sure there is no dirt or debris on the connection. A dirty or poor connection can cause the symptoms you are seeing. If the ECM throws a ABS Error it can be anything between the sensor and ECM including wires exposed to the elements, dirt and other things. Your description assuming good solid connections points to a faulty sensor.