MAX17595A Transformer selection Bipolar secundary

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    Oct 27, 2015
    Hello I am new to SMPS on all about circuits,

    I have question related to a AC to DC convertor based on the max17595A.

    The transformator given in the simulation file from MAXIM, shows me that I need to build a custom design Transformer... with 2 primary, and 1 secundary. The simulation spits me out a complex portrayal of a transformer which is understandable, but a bottleneck less the same.

    how can I convert these values to an understandable dimensioned transformer, so that I can find one, that is small in size but fulfills its job.
    is it also possible to get a bipolar output from it?

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    again thanks for the nudging, hammering, punching in the right direction.

    sincerely yours

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