Max fan current from MB in Samsung TV

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Hi, I need to replace the fan in a Samsung TV but not sure about max amperage on the MB fan port.
The original one is 12v and 70mA but I can't find a like for like fan. Need to improvise.
I have a few candidates with similar mount and CFM and on 12v but at 100mA or more.
The MB is BN40-0012A and the tv is le40656a.
Are there any standards on such boards that would let one assume the max allowed current on the fan port? I can't find any tech sheets for this MB.
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If it were me, I’d keep shopping. While I suspect that a 100mA fan would be just fine, I would not feel comfortable increasing the load more than 10% or so. The cost of a mistake is too high. 80mA wouldn’t worry me too much but would be borderline.

You mentioned CFM. It’s hard to get more CFM with less power, so something isn’t adding up. Have you tried to find detailed specs of the original fan?