1. H

    How to lower watt output

    Hi, I am kinda new to this stuff but I have 16mA 3.3V AC output wich is 0.0528 watts but I need to get it to 50nW (0.05 microwatts) I tried finding something butndont really know so how do I do it?
  2. HardYeti162

    Can you combine 2 power imputs while maintening voltage but lowering the amperes?

    I have a little problem, i been searching but i was unable to found (maybe do to my little knowlege on the matter) (and my little bit of english) a formula or a explanation to the following dilema: i want to combine 2 power imputs being the same power suply, i mean 2 of the same wall converters...
  3. M

    Max fan current from MB in Samsung TV

    Hi, I need to replace the fan in a Samsung TV but not sure about max amperage on the MB fan port. The original one is 12v and 70mA but I can't find a like for like fan. Need to improvise. I have a few candidates with similar mount and CFM and on 12v but at 100mA or more. The MB is BN40-0012A...