1. S

    Adding Potentiometer to Fan (consumer product)

    Hello, I have a sleeping sound machine that uses a Fan to create white noise. It has a 3 position Switch, "off", "high speed", and "low speed". Essentially, these settings are either too loud or too quiet. I would like to remove the 3 setting Switch and replace it with a Potentiometer to...
  2. ashokraj

    what is the inductance and resistance of the fan we can use for simulation purposes

    I want to simulate a AC ceiling fan operating with 240V. I want to add some external electronic circuit. I would like to analyze the behavior of the fan circuitry depending on my inputs. so could some one please tell me the inductance and resistance of the fan ?
  3. ashokraj

    how can I determine the Resistanc and capacitance value in a snubber circuit

    Hi, In the below circuit I would like to know how to determine the the resistance(R9) and capacitance(C6) value ? This circuit is a IOT based fan controller. Here we are using 240VAC, Even though they have shown the values I am interested in knowing how to design a RC snubber circuit for a fan...
  4. sofitens

    Wiring a NC relay for an AC condenser fan

    I'm planning for a project where I need a NC relay with a 24 VAC coil to disable my AC condenser fan, and I could use help selecting a correct relay to use and ensuring it's wired correctly. The condenser fan (OFM in the 1st diagram) is pretty typical with 3 wires, 1 coming from the contactor...
  5. yverde

    Current limiter for fan

    Hey, I'm am trying to use computer fans for other purpose, I tried hooking one up to a 12v power source and it blew up. The fan was rated 12v, but 0.37A and I used a 12v, 2A power supply, I thought the fan would use only the current it needs, but I was obviously wrong. So my question is can I...
  6. qwaspen

    Car fan auxiliary heater

    Hi! Got a problem with my auxiliary heater. I connected an auxiliary heater to my car and everything was working great. However, when I added the wiring harness for the car fan, it won’t work. I can only measure 5v at the relay, which is odd since it should be 12v. In addition to this, the car...
  7. B

    Solar emergency light/fan circuit help needed

    Hello great team! I'd immensely appreciate the help of brilliant minds out here. I've Solar rechargeable emergency unit that can power 2 lights and a small table fan. The unit stopped working with a blown resistor on the circuit. I did try replacing the resistor with an identical color coded...
  8. M

    Max fan current from MB in Samsung TV

    Hi, I need to replace the fan in a Samsung TV but not sure about max amperage on the MB fan port. The original one is 12v and 70mA but I can't find a like for like fan. Need to improvise. I have a few candidates with similar mount and CFM and on 12v but at 100mA or more. The MB is BN40-0012A...