Max charge current for battery pack (Series+Parallel)

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Yin Min

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I want to know how to check the max charge current for battery pack (Series+Parallel). Now my battery is litium ion battery. max charge current is 6.8A (1C) for single. Now I connected 12 batteries in 2S6P and I want to charge it. But I don't know whether I need to consider for the whole pack (40 Ah) or max charge current for single cell (6.8A).
how to set up the charging current in battery charger.
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The charging current in any cell should not exceed that recommended by the manufacturer. In the case of a pack of cells be aware that several cells packed together will not dissipate heat as easily as when each cell is free-standing and the temperature of each cell should be considered, and the charge current adjusted if needed. As always, consult the datasheet.