EBL 8.4v NiMH battery charge current

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Hey, I ordered some 8.4v NiMH batteries from EBL because they have the highest capacity rating I've seen in that format, but I noticed that under rapid charge current, it says 150mA is 1.0C. I'm gonna build a solar battery charger and I'm gonna charge at that current, but it says to charge for 1.1H. If it really were 280mA, then shouldn't I charge for about 2H?


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Probably not. What's important is to not let the battery exceed 10.5 volts while charging.
What are you using for a charger?

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EBL batteries are sold online, Not in stores. Is the 280mAh number real and actual?
I buy Energizer batteries in stores and their 9V Ni-MH battery has a capacity of 175mAh which I believe because they say at 35mA. ESB does not say 280mAh at any current.

EBL says their 9V Ni-MH battery has a 0.1C rating of 15mA, 0.2C rating of 30mA and a 1.0C rating of 150mA then the 1C rating of 150mA is the mAh rating!