Mason Jar Christmas Star

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This project is on an order of magnitude more simple than what you guys probably typically see around here. A little while ago I sought help with lighting up 5 leds in series with one 9v battery, and you all were a lot of help offering several suggestions and I eventually resigned myself to using two batteries which left me with more than enough power to light those 5 and several more. My wife had suggested I use a mason jar for the holder, then I found the wooden inserts for the lid at Joann fabric. I epoxied two 9v battery holders some stripboard, used Everycircuit app to come up with the schematic etc. etc. Then, with a little luck, I got the thing wired up and it all fit in the jar and actually worked.

Christmas star1.JPG Christmas star2.JPG Christmas star3.JPG Christmas Star Schematic.png