Mason Jar/ Crystal Jar Lamp Light

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Hello everyone, I am Zatarno. I am a senior in Electrical Engineering.
I wanted to ask all members of all about circuits forum for some assistance.
I am in my senior project's class for Electrical Engineering.
The topic of my project is Mason Jar Light or Crystal Jar Light.
The purpose was to create a lamp out of inexpensive materials.
The goal of my project is to provide an efficient solar powered light through a mason jar or crystal jar for people who don't have electrictrification and can't afford electric bills.

Here are the Materials I have written down for my project:

Solar Cell
Lithium battery
White LEd's
Toggle Switch

My project is different because I am adding a switch to the lamp so that you can manually turn the light on and off and conserve energy. I also want to make my lamp very powerful and last a day before charging again.
To all members of this forum, who may have created a project similar to what I am doing. I would be very appreciated for your help. Also, I would like to also know information on where I could buy these materials inexpensively on the web for my project.


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This really belongs over in Homework Help.

What have you done so far? Remember, this is YOUR project.

You need to put numbers to things. What does it mean for your lamp to be "very powerful".

When you say "last a day", do you mean on continuously for 24 hours?

What kind of lithium battery? Have you looked at the constraints regarding voltage range and current levels and what happens if you violate them?

What assumptions are you making about insolation?