malicious ebay buyer

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Dropped me a negative feedback today, for a $2 remote control, new, originally blister wrapped.

He did not use english but complained the remote would not work.

Then I explained how to change code page by pressing the TV key, even made a video.

To no avail!

I reported him to ebay.


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I never quite understood ebay's policy of no longer being able to leave negative feedback for a buyer, like there are no such thing as a bad buyer??

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they can leave bad feedback or bad detailed DSR when ever they see it fit.

I am not much hit by this as I sell new items, but others who sell used items have more problems with that, see the ebay seller forum.

Each bad feedback should be arbitrated by ebay automatically.

I have a defect rate of 1.13% when indeed, I never produced one single defect. It is enough the buyer clicks 1 star for item as described because they are not happy with it, despite the fact I always make exact and clear photos of the actually sold items.

In dollars, its stuff for less than $20 all together all these defects and now one bad feedback on $2 items, which are not worth the return postage.

So it's some 0.25% of sales volume.

ebay trades for 10s of billions but despite that they are not able to apply common sense.

I had trouble with Nokia5110 displays too buyer claimed from 3 he was able to make one working, then I built a tester circuit, all I tested before selling worked instantly. Must have hit the two bad one's hidden in about 30 of them, well ehm too bad for the buyer or is it? i sent one more as replacement, even while I was thinking buyer isnt telling the truth.

This $2 remote control buyer did not follow instructions how to change the IR setting, and did not even give a chance to refund his $2. What can you get for $2 these days?

When I pick up something faulty from a supermarket for a Euro or two, I dont spent two hours to go back and claim a refund, I just bin it.


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I gave up on eBay after my paypal account was hacked. They will close your account in a heartbeat for no real reason, but try to get a response when you need one.

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Tonight I figured out a genuine buyer most likely would have quoted the TV brand/model.

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I dont even know how the name Karl Marks is spelled properly but in the latter half of the Manifest he's just elaborating about banks bookkeeping its actually quite boring, not trying to make a single point.

Lately I dont use cash money anymore I dont see an incentive- just swipe your wallet we have that here in Ireland too since a few weeks.

I've become ensnared to the beck and call of banks.

Wouldnt a commie insist (in a club) members are not allowed in commercial activities or was that the anarchist one (when established members are somehow allowed whatshowever)? Only barter trade is cool, man, eh?