Dangerous and illegal products on Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress and Wish? Really?


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Yes, well, if you buy mains-powered devices directly from China without knowing what you are doing, and given the vast majority of the population knows nothing about electricity, this is likely to happen. It's not like this sort of thing hasn't been happening for at least a decade, dodgy Apple charger clones come to mind as well.


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The practice of putting highly combustible tinder sculptures inside our homes, adorning them with haphazard coils of wire and miniature heaters, and hoping our homes don't burn down, is a longstanding Christmas holiday tradition. Can't blame China for selling scratches for our itches.

If the Chinese sold steers to Spain for Running of the Bulls, and the steer killed someone, would there be a recall on Chinese steers?

@MrSalts see there? I also enjoy a good romp in the pit of sarcasm.