Making UV LED exposure unit - looking for min:sec 12V timer switch

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Clay H

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I've searched the forums here and it seems that most of the timer discussions center around a 555 programmable timer or other more elaborate needs. I am looking for a simple, inexpensive countdown timer that will allow a user to enter minutes and/or seconds and then hit start to light up the LEDs and then close the circuit when the time has elapsed. There seem to be a lot of programmable timers out there that are vast overkill for a small project like this. Anybody have a source for a readymade simple 12V circuit timer/switch? Even something with just seconds and and up or down arrow to set the desired time would work. Looking for simple and cheap.


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hi Clay,
Welcome to AAC.
I use these timer modules, low cost.

Working modes selection: after power on, long press K1 for 2s, later into the selection of modes: P1~4.
P-1: Monostable trigger delay, a signal to trigger relay, time is up, the relay disconnect;
P-2: A signal trigger and countdown begins, T1 seconds after, the relay open T2 seconds, then close;
P-3: Open T1 seconds, disconnect T2 seconds, infinite loop. Users can set the relay time T1 and T2;
P-4: The relay opens when a signal triggers, when the trigger signal disappears, digital countdown begins, and the relay closes when the time is up.

Working Voltage: DC 12V / DC 24V (Optional)
Timing Range(Settable): 0.1~99.9 seconds; 1~999 seconds; 1~999 minutes
Signal Voltage: DC 4~20V
Output Capacity: Can Control the Load within DC 30V 10A or AC 220V 10A
Static Current: 20mA
Working Current: 50mA
Working Temperature: -40~85°C


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They have an isolated set of SPCO relay set of contacts.
The push buttons are a little 'intuitive' , could be 'letter coded' better.