Making an inductive load

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Mil Mahdey

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Hello, our teacher told us to make an inductive load that draws 500 watt at 220 volts and maximum current of 2A.
he says that you can achieve that power by wrapping a wire around and iron bar, the question is how much Turns are needed to do so?
if there's another way to do that please share it.


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Tell your teacher to go back to school.

First, 2amps at 220 volts is only 440 watts.

Seccond, maybe first, is the average power in an inductor is zero. Always has been, always will be. Simple physics. You could possibly make a very resistive inductor where the resistive part dissipates some power, but you are still left with the fact that 440 is less than 500.


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Thats a complex problem. First I would compute the inductance needed. Then you need to know something about the magnetic properties of the iron and the dimentions. Then calculate the number of turns to wrap around the bar. Calculating the number of turns can complex but there are many calculators online.

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Well, I suppose that your teacher wants you to create a "real", as opposed to an "ideal" device. If that is the case, then tell me:

What is the resistance that you are going to need?

What gauge of wire and what composition of wire are available to you?

Given your answers to #1 and #2, how long a piece of wire will you need?

Once you gather the answers to these questions, come back and post them and we can proceed from there.


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I think you should find out if you are supposed to apply AC or DC. If it's AC, what frequency?
Confining 220 volts to 2 amps will require a fairly large inductor if this is about power line frequency.


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220 volts at 2 amps is only 440 watts at 110ohms .i think. Your teacher needs to go back to early learning centre .