Making 12V DC out of 24V AC

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is it possible to convert 24V AC to 12V DC just with 4 diodes and a voltage divider? Should I use capacitors to filtr it? Btw it is for an LED lamp.

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What current is required by the LED ?

I'm not sure but power is no more than 10W, I'd say it is something about 8W so not even 0.9A. Resistors I would use are rated for 10W and diodes for 1A (I also have 10A chunky ones).
Oh and I have a cheap oscilloscope from china, so I can check if the voltage is smooth enough, but I'm not sure what is smooth enough hehe


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24VAC rectified and filtered gives you About 32.5VDC. To run 10W worth of LEDs at 12V that would consume 27W from the power supply, wasting 17W in the resistor. Use a 25 W resistor.

Alternately, use a proper LED constant current driver and waste about 1W and run cool.



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Unless you are using the LED to illuminate a view for a video camera you won't need a lot of filtering. 10% ripple should be no problem. I think I would look for a pre-made buck converter to power this, or lacking that a switching type LED power supply.


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Could you put two 12v LED modules in series? Then you would need a 10ohm 7W (use 11W or higher because it will still get VERY hot) resistor.