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Can I detect is someone (Human nor Animal) is touching my home gate ?, with metal detection sensor or similar ?, or there is another way ?
I wan to make high security gate in my home, is some is touch, or shock the gate, alarm is being triggered to smartphone, also 8mp CCTV camera is make capture, and do a face recognition, if there is someone near gate it will also triggered alarm both on smartphone and gate buzzer

Do you think make hot gate is a good idea ?, if gate tampering is detected, gate is heated to near 80 degree celcius, so.. someone isn't brave to touch the gate, also is water is detected (to resist with this system) gate can be heated to about 100 - 120 degree celcius, is my idea possible ?, I think my idea is better than electric fence, heated fence can't kill someone but can make serious skin injury, so... thief isn't brave to touch my gate again...


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Check the User agreement. Discussion of shocking somebody is not allowed. Also, our policy is to not support discussions that might lead to injury of a person.

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