MachX02 (CPLD) "Failed in Function VERIFY /see log file for more details/ "

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hello all. I am getting the following error when I'm trying to program the lcmx02-1200hc CPLD

fail 1.JPG

is this a problem with my code? (my hardware design/ led blinky code is based off of this: tinyFPGA A2), or with my hardware design? (schematic PDF attached)? or have I bricked the chip when I soldered it (with paste and hot air gun)? can I have LEDs on the programming pins? (is that my problem?)

this is my first CPLD hardware design, and my first time using Lattice DIAMOND (i've done projects using VIVADO and development boards)

here is a picture of my hardware setup:

setup 2.png

any input as to what is going on is appreciated. thanks.



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I don't use any of these parts or tools, but generally a Verify error is telling you that the information received "(000...00)" did not match the information expected "(000...20)"

In other words, on reading back the information your device only sent zeros. Oops.

It is not your program.

The very first thing I would try is removing the LEDs from the programming lines. Don't ask your programmer to drive the LEDs, just make it end fast clean data.

Yes you could have possibly broken something when you soldered it but try a few things before you have a eulogy.

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so I unsoldered the leds that where connected to the programming connections and still got this:

error 2.JPG

some of the leds where lighting up when supposedly they shouldn't (very dim), hence I think I have a short somewhere under my chip? perhaps its because the chip is broken, or perhaps its because it has no code yet?

I only have one spare chip so i'm open to suggestions on how to fix this before resorting to removal.

if I solder the new chip, should I just skip the center pad? I think that might have been my issue. (its a qfn package) this was my first time soldering smd.


EDIT: I desoldered the fpga and the leds that where dimly lit when they wherent supposed to be stopped lighting. this leads me to believe the issue was either the fpga was bricked, or the soldering was bridged under the pad.

could someone look at my schematic to make sure the design is not the issue before I solder on my only backup?
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