LTspice-storing components


Joined Sep 9, 2010
The "approved" method is to store component models along with your project. This has the advantages of 1) Making your project portable to send to another user. You zip the folder and everything needed in the other location is in the folder, and 2) The files won't get fouled up when you do an upgrade to LTspice.

The disadvantage is that the new components don't show up in the menus and such, and the whole process feels very un-Mac-like.

I've done it both ways but have migrated to the approved method. It's just easier for my type of workflow, where I'm not using the same part in lots of different schematics. You just use the .include directive. I'd probably use the more complicated approach if I was using LTspice a lot more and wanted familiar components showing up on the menus.