LTSpice simulation of Gate Drive Transformer

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I am doing a half bridge converter circuit. Tested upto Voltage wave form in hardware. Wave form not in very good shape in the Gate drive transformer output. I am trying to simulate that part in LT spice now. Learning Spice is also one purpose.
Up-to this part LT spice runs OK using SG3525 model downloaded from internet.
Do we have models available for Gate drive transformers or is there any workaround to simulate the remaining parts of converter circuit like mosfet and Ferrite transformer?


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Gate Drive Transformer
Here is a link to a company that makes transformers. I have used them many times. On that page there are two transformers that are typically used with your IC. 1:1:1 1.5mH or 1:1.5:1.5 1.5mH If you read what Alec_t pointed to then you know how to make one of those transformers.

Attach your CAD file and then we can help better. (.asc)