LTspice - Closed control loop for LLC converter ..#2

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Also seems like I do need help with implementing these IR2117 gate drivers to work. This seems like an easy task since the application circuit is in the datasheet and I am familiar with the concept of high side gate drivers but I cannot run the simulation at all right now and my other attempts with this or other drivers failed.
View attachment 205955I did however manage to drive mosfets with HCPL-3140 optocouplers but this solution seems to be too slow for my application.
View attachment 205956
Also please find attached asc files that you might find useful in case you could help me.
- behavioral_sources.asc is for the 1st post in this thread, the mosfets are drived by voltage sources that are identical to PWM output of the control loop,
- gate_drivers.asc is for this post

Thank you for your time!
Hope you are doing well. Even i have the assignment of this and i have been trying to understand the concept since I am new to this. When i was searching i found this article which really grabbed my interest. I really need help on simulating LLC converter in LTspice. If u could help me with this, it means a world to me. I attach my email address please drop me an email. Thank you and have a nice day
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As this is Homework, please post your best effort at doing this assignment, so that help can be given where necessary. This is not a 'homework-done-for-you' forum.