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I'm just starting out with LT spice and wanted to simulate a single-channel inverter with Schmitt trigger. I went into the components window and selected the "Behavioral Schmitt-Triggered inverter", which is in the picture below. I see two inputs and an output. Do I not have to connect it to a power supply and is there a symbol anywhere which tells me what the actual pins are? The logic diagram on the datasheet I'm using for the part I want to simulate only shows one input and one output. I assume I don't need to model the exact component I need to simulate and can use the default LTSpice component. Should I be downloading componets to simulate from somewhere?

Picture of LT Spice:

Datasheet for schmitt inverter I wanted to use:
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The "A" devices do not require a power supply connection. You do have to set the parameters, such as Vhigh and Vlow along with the threshold
Try this one: It is configured for a Vhigh of 5 volts and a threshold of 2.5 volts. the parameters for the inverter are described in the LTspice help file so you can tailor them however you want.
Also, you do not need to connect the node on the corner of the inverter symbol - just leave it floating.



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