Low voltage loud speakers

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I still haven't seen a definitive explanation of
the Who, What, Where, When, and How, of this whole project.
Exactly what problem needs to be solved here ?
Are we supposed to guess ?
I don't know how to better explain it. I am building a pole that we will attach a light and speaker to. It will run in inclement weather and need to be able to operate for 48 hours. It goes in by backpack, could be 1-10 miles so weight is a factor. Recharging in the field will be done by solar or swap out of battery, or we just decide its time to stop and we collect our gear. On Mt Rainier they hang a light from the Nisqually bridge but that can lure climbers off the cliffs. This is the same concept with a audible tone to lure lost persons back to where it was they were last spotted. It won't work in all cases or even be applicable. However as a search area grows you can put something like this up in a drainage and if they find it, they can active the inreach that will be with it.