Low Cost kWh data logger for developing countries

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Hi Everyone,

I am a renewables engineer who is starting to do some small projects in Ghana,

I want a simple a robust kWh meter and data logger to do energy assessments of buildings and villages so renewable energy systems can be properly designed.

Unfortunately the solutions I have used in the past, and the ones I can find online are very expensive and have loads of unnecessary features for this application.

I want something off the shelf ideally and definitely not an Arduino or R Pi solution that requires user knowledge on IT ( this kit will be used by people with little / no IT skills)

anyone got any advise?


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Hi There,
Can you give a little more detail on what you're doing. Don't forget... the term low cost is relative to where you're situated.
Are you looking at installing multiple kWh meters within a building and wiring back to a device to collect the data.
Maybe multiple meters within a village, would they then be wired back to a common data collector ?
Would the data be periodically read locally, possibly downloaded to a laptop ?
Or connected via internet for remote download ?

I'm in South Africa, I recently bought a digital kWh meter for a cottage I rent, it cost R425 ( approx US$30).
It has a display of the totalised reading plus a pulse output of 880 pulses / kW.
Would you be able to leave a PC at the site to log data ?
An old PC, slow PC would be quite able to capture the data.

Then you'd need an interface for the pulses into the PC.

Hope this helps


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Hi Dick,
I'm assuming he wants to log how many kW are consumed per day, possibly per hour with time and date.
Then they'll be able get a profile of use without relying on people.
He says its for energy assessments.

I've done this sort of thing in a previous life where we used transducers with pulse outputs monitored by a PLC and logged by a SCADA system.