Looking for the schematic diagram of a Dell AA20031 PA-6 family power adapter

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Does anyone happen to have schematic diagram of a Dell PA-6 family power adapter?
Want to modify mine to make it adjustable (e.g to 5v, 12v etc...)
any hints on where I can find the schematics ?
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If You managed, somehow, to get the sealed Plastic Case open without completely destroying it,
You will find that it's virtually impossible to modify.
Like the generic sticker says ....... "No-User-Serviceable-Parts-Inside".

Regulate the Voltage externally.


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A hacksaw and a large vise is what I have used to carefully separate the halves of a similar power supply. Putting it back together is tricky after that.

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Hi @LowQCab,
Thank you for your reply.
The case is open and it is (almost) undamaged. The trick to open sealed cases like this one, is to put them in a vise with two small bars (something like a screwdriver) at along side of the seal (laterally at both long sides) and then slowly press it. Those lateral bars direct the force to the seal and it cracks open without any damage. (see picture)

I am an electronics engineer and I have been working with switched mode power supplies since the rise of the pc (30y ago?)
The control chip in the PA-6 seems to be a AS3843. From datasheets and Application Notes, I can get quite some information, but a schematic would be handy.