Looking for specific heat sink. Supplier ideas?

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I'm looking for a large extruded heat sink that is similar to the heat sinks you see inside of electronic loads: it accepts a 8cm fan on the end and the fins are inside, so components can be mounted to the flat sides. I've attached a photo from AliExpress that shows the general shape I'm looking for, but this one doesn't have many fins inside and I'd like to buy from somewhere more reliable if I can.

I've tried DigiKey, Mouser, Arrow and Farnell in the UK. Farnell has some from Fischer Electronik, but they are not long enough (I need 8cm square x 16cm long minimum). Does this type of heat sink have a name? Anyone have more ideas where I could search?

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Fischer Electronik heatsinks have a dense fin mesh in their fully assembled ranges. Their LAx range of fan-cooled heatsinks are used by several commercial e-loads. I'm planning to use a LA8-250-12 in my 1500W e-load, thats 250mm long. Here is a link



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This heatsink
pops up on Ebay very frequently, and seems very good value for money,
It has a lot of very fine fins, hence a large surface area, but there is no spec on degrees C per Watt.
Putting two of them on a pcb, fins facing each other, and a plate on top makes you the fan-tunnel you need.