Looking for replacement micro switch

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Looking to replace this switch, would anyone know where to find this or a compatible one?. I'm located in Canada.

I tried an image search, but cannot find the exact one.

Thanks in advance!


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Go to DigiKey-Canada and search for "Micro-Switch" then scroll through the pictures,
you might find one easily,
if You don't, then pick one that looks close, and open-up the PDF Spec-Sheet.

You Micro-Switch is a very-VERY common configuration and size.

The PDF Spec-Sheet will list about ~50 different options that You can specify,
and explain how to create your own part-number from those desired specifications.
Then, after You verify that the physical-dimensions, and Voltage / Current specs are OK,
You can search for that particular created number, or one very similar to it.

They will definitely have at least 10 different part numbers that will perfectly replace your Switch.


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There are many similar microswitches that would fit the bill.
Yours is V-16-2A4
16A @250VAC SPST-NC 0.95N

What is important is the NC option. You can use a switch with three terminals which would give you the option to choose NO or NC. You want to find one with the last part numbers showing 1A4, 1C4, 2A4, or 2C4.

D3V-16-1C4 will also work for you.


They are not expensive. What is going to hurt is the shipping charge for a single item. Try looking for a walk-in store supplier of electronics parts.

Try B&E Electronics.