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Hey guys.

I started a nice project in my house and i ran into some problem that I cant find a solution for.

I have added a pic of my design so you could help me.

As you can see in the picture i have two circuits. Circuit number 1 has a normal switch. It does his function and closes the circuit. Now, using a spst relay as component 1 I activate circuit number 2 . The mystery is component 2. I want circuit 2 to start working after relay 1 is closed, but I need circuit 2 to stay ON even if I open switch 1. So basically i want circuit 1 to activate circuit 2 and circuit 2 has to stay on "forever" no matter what happens with circuit 1.

I have heard one option, which i couldnt apply on my own, is to use dpdt relay as component 2, but couldnt wire it up the right way.

what do you guys think? is that even possible?

Thanks :)