I am looking for a similar part to a ATSAMD21E18A-AU (Link to Digikey part in thread)

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Part: https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/atmel/ATSAMD21E18A-AU/13480283

Mainly trying to find a replacement for this particular I2C however I am hitting a huge roadblock that I suspect has a lot to do with the current "Chip shortage" that is often discussed. Unfortunately at the heart of my build is this I2C that I need to finish it. Anyone have any idea of comparable parts to this 32 pin, 32 bit, ARM M0+ Cortex microcontroller? If not, can you help me find a site that might have even just 1 that I would pay full price for (of course). I really only need 5, but bulk is an option too (though not at ebay scalper prices of 150+ for 20 of them) if the price is right. Let me know! Thanks in advance guys!