Looking for a Small Programmer.


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eg for 12f683 2.0v to 5.5v - i.e. whatever the data sheet says the range op operating voltages are
I dunno whether that is correct or not.
But it does not make sense to me.
Yes, "real" programmers program the part and then verify that the programming was successful at the limits of the parts spec -- or even a little bit beyond the data sheet spec. This helps to ensure that the part will work under all conditions of usage over time and temperature.

I have been told a story of a company programming EPROM's using the wrong algorithm. They ended up not fully programming the parts and the parts did not hold the data reliably for a long period of time. The EPROM's worked for a while so they were shipped in a product. :eek:


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A little late to the thread. And I have to confess I haven't read all the posts. But here's my 2 cents: https://www.mikroe.com/
I bought an 89LP Atmel family programmer from them for 70 bucks a few months ago, and I'm quite pleased with it.
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"Looking for a Small Programmer." -- I know a programmer that is about 5' 2" -- is that small enough? :D
That's exactly what I thought! lol I was like does he have anything against tall programmers :) Are shorter ones more smarter since they absorb more Math or algebra 2? Funny stuff :)