Looking for a programmable power supply with high slew rate for MIL-STD-704

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Hello everyone,

I'm in a project right now and I was trying to test a device with the LDC105 method test. My actual power supply (Keysight E36104B) cannot perform the test because the slew rate can't be programmed. And I was looking for other supplies, but couldn't find anyone that reaches a slew rate of 20kV/s.

The specs I need are:
  • 40V or more
  • 1A or more
  • 20kV/s slew rate
  • 2400V/s fall slew rate
  • And if possible, around 1500-2000$

if anyone has ever performed a test of MIL-STD-704, let me know what power supply did you use, or how did you do it.
Thank you!