1. M

    Slew Rate/Rise Time Conversion

    I just wanted to confirm that my oscillator will drive my circuit correctly. I am focused on rise time vs slew rate in this calculation. The receiver which runs off 1.8V has a slew rate of 1V/ns which is measured from .35(1.8V) to .65(1.8V). The clock driver has a rise and fall time spec of...
  2. o0danny

    Looking for a programmable power supply with high slew rate for MIL-STD-704

    Hello everyone, I'm in a project right now and I was trying to test a device with the LDC105 method test. My actual power supply (Keysight E36104B) cannot perform the test because the slew rate can't be programmed. And I was looking for other supplies, but couldn't find anyone that reaches a...