logitech z533 repair

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Hi guys, this is my first post on this forum :)

ill try my best to explain my problem, so in advance sorry for wrongly used terms :)

my 2.1 system is making loud buzz noise on both woofer and tweeters. after opening it ive discovered some issues.

z533 2.1 system with blown 'deviders' (not sure how its called) for 3.5mm and RCA ports for audio signal input (ive attached pics).
ive notices that devider circuit around it its blown, 2 caps, 2 resistors and 1 unknown component in the middle marked with FB3(for 3.5mm jack) and FB4(for RCA). u can see that for 3.5mm jack its completely blown from pcb.
  • on pcb 3.5mm jack is market as J4 and RCA as J5
  • ive purposely took picture behind light so u can see traces going to that blown 'devider'
  • resistors are 7.5k ohms, for caps and component in the middle i am not sure (need ur help about that)
  • suggestion to check any other component that could be damaged also
this is not amp, this is like control board, pls ask if u ne20190822_191059.jpg 20190822_191257.jpg ed more info or pics

thank you