Logitech G602 Mouse

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Good day all! I hope everyone is doing well!
A bit of an odd one. I have a Logitech G602 mouse & it drains batteries faster than I can change my socks!

I figured there must be a fault somewhere as even when I switch it off by its physical switch, it continues to drain. I’ve checked and cleaned the switch but no change.

I’ve measured a 10.40mA drain even when the main power switch is set to “off” as I poked around I found that when I pushed down on U3 (images attached) the parasitic drain went down to about 7mA. This lead me to believe that there may be a dry joint or something. Now being an SMD (and my lack of experience with them) I tried to reflow the connections.

I had temporary success bringing it down to 2mA (though I believe this is still high) as soon as the flux dries up it jumps around like it has a dead short. Also, I know I buggered the connection (in the image you can see the pins are shorted, but the random spikes happened before this).

I believe I need a new IC on U3 but there are no details/markings on it so I can’t identify it.

I was hoping someone would either know (or has encountered this issue) the IC I need.

Also, I know I can just get another mouse but where’s the fun in that!

Thank you all & regards,