LM2673-Adjustable Current

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I have a general question about using the LM2673 (and I suppose the LM2679 being a similar part). The adjustable variant of the part allows for you to use a potentiometer to adjust the output voltage to be whatever you want within reason. That seems pretty straightforward given the design. However, I have a question about the LM2673/LM2679's current adjust pin.

The datasheet says that you can limit the peak switch current (the max current that goes through the inductor L) with a resistor (Radj) based on the following formula: \[ R_{adj} = 37125/I_{Pk-Sw} \]. Is it a good idea to use a potentiometer (like a 30k ohm trimmer) to limit the peak switch current, and therefore limit the output current going to a load?

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