lights for dolls house/ models

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hi at moment trying to light a dolls house have an abundance of 3mm 2/3v 20ma warm white leds am thinking of using 20 or so was hoping to use batteries so far have about 8 in at moment wired in parallel using 2 aa batteries and very dim like me! think am missing something do i need more power or?

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Do you have current-limiting resistors for each LED? Are they pre-wired with resistors?

Pictures would be lhelpful along with a link to the LEDs.

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sorry no link just chinese leds they are 3mm warm white polarity long lead (+) V(f) 3v - 3.2 1 (f) :20ma all i know sry. Dont have any resistors i think! just wired 8 up in parallel with 2 aa batteries and they are lit but dim.


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From my experience with led lights for doll houses, they don't have any series resistors as they run on 3V batteries and rely on the internal resistance of the batteries. I rewired them with a 150 ohms resistor and run them on 5V phone charger they work perfectly fine.


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I would use them wired as 4S powered by a 12V supply into a jack. Batteries won't last long. 5mm LEDs are more efficient and Vf ~ 3.1 and if ultrabright will be adequate and not have thermal runaway at lower Vf=12V

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You said the ad for the LEDs say the max forward voltage is 3.2V. Then some of them will be dim when powered by 2 brand new AA alkaline batteries and even dimmer if the batteries are cheap (super-heavy-duty) or are old.