LG refrigerator problem,the freezer works,but the fridge doesn't work


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I don't know this to be true, but I've heard someone say LG refrigerators have two compressors. Doesn't make sense to me, but it could be true of yours. IF SO - that could be the problem.

However, with limited knowledge of construction of fridges, I'd suspect there might be an ice blockage preventing cold air from getting to the fridge side from the freeze side - OR you may have a bad circulating fan inside. I was given a freezer because it was dead. No, it wasn't dead, just the circulating fan inside had stopped. I changed that with one I had laying around. Fan rotation was the same and the shaft size was also the same so swapping the blades was easy and I had a working freezer again.

I learned that you don't know what you don't know until you open it up. Just make sure you don't stick your fingers in any electrically energized parts or any dangerous moving parts. Explore. Learn. Fix. Be proud of your ability.


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...there might be an ice blockage preventing cold air from getting to the fridge side from the freeze side...
This is very likely the case. Most refrigerators use a single compressor to bring the freezer compartment to below freezing temperatures and blow cold air into the fridge section to cool it. They typically use a damper to control the amount of air flowing to the fridge side or adjust the speed of the fan.

As Tonyr1084 says, check the fan and check for blockages. There should be an opening it the back of the fridge were cold air will normally flow. Check to confirm that it is clear. Look as well in the freezer section, there should be a grill protecting the fan. Check to see if it is clear. Some times ice or frost will build up and block it.

Since you get an error indication, look around at LG's website to see if you can find diagnostic tests that you can run or at least tell what the error message means.


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First the Model number would be a good help. If its an Inverter model LG like mine then theres a circuit diagram & information under the electronics cover. I photographed mine for future reference. This is part of the information on fault codes for my particular LG fridge. Also the fan motors are DC brushless variable speed on my fridge. Not all model LG fridges are the same.LG FRIDGE FAULTS.JPGDSCN2752.JPGF15.circ diag.JPG