LG 55LM7600 troubleshooting: identifying piece PCB

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Hey guys and guyets,
I'm a full fledged newbie and figured in my pursuit in educating myself fuller into electronics I'd learn how to repair some things pple throw out.. well I got two great projects I'm working on (other I'll put on another post [ blod ps4] ) but now need some advice. This post is about lg 55lm7600 I found on someones curb.( Also 3d +wifi capabilities, so f*** yeah!!) Turned on and got vertical color bands. Did some didling on youtube/google; opened up everything, looks good; 20180118_090845.jpg
except on the power board there is corrosion on this piece 20180118_085046.jpg
( I assume is a transformer of some sort?) Now I know I can just buy a whole new board for like $50-70usd but honestly i need to level my soldering skills greatly to fix the ps4. Plus save some money too.. I tried looking up the part by googling what is printed on the piece 20180117_211649.jpg
So.. question:
A>what is the marked item on board?
B>how do you guys know? Indications, fmi.
C> how can I look up parts? Data, info best ways to search. Who to buy from. Also is there a picture set somewhere of how every possible way these diodes ECT. may present themselves? I wonder bc I don't know how or where to get memos is we decide to change the standard look of these pieces so if a com. Sends out a new product we open it and all fuses changed from circular to a diamond shape.. I think u know what I am getting at...
D> what is the best way to identify how this transistor, diode, ect. (Since I don't know what it is..) got corroded.
A. This looks like a transformer (from what I can tell in the pictures)
B. Transformers work on a principle of induction, meaning that many will have a similar shape since they are using the same physics to operate. This commonly looks like a metal box with a smaller metal box inside, there are lots of coils of wire that generate magnetic field to transfer and transform voltage and/or current to another circuit. However, the way this one is mounted to the board is somewhat peculiar (maybe to isolate it from the board for interference reasons), so it may not be a transformer, and could be some other type of component.
C. The best way to discover what it is would be to find the schematics. Sometimes it is easy to find them, and sometimes you have to reach out to the manufacturer or purchase them from a third party site. It depends a lot on what you're trying to work on. There is no particular "best" spot to buy parts from, but a quick internet search should give you what you're looking for. Mouser electronics is usually a good place to start.
D. Corrosion can happen from a variety of reasons, usually from water in the air, but this looks a lot like battery corrosion or something similar. I would take a look at the other component higher up on the board that looks similar, and see if you can glean any information by putting the part # into google.