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    Aug 3, 2014
    Hi all,
    new to the forums and looking for a little help on a home wiring project. Basically I have 6 LED lights from Ikea that I am adding to a chandelier. The LED lights each have a adapter that supplies each with 4V, .75A and 3W. I am looking for a way to eliminate the need for 6 individual wall adapters and to reduce the overall wiring for both visual and efficiency purposes.

    From what I've read and know about LEDs, the best way to combine them is in series which is easy enough. That should get me to a voltage of 4V x 6 = 24V with just the .75A needed. I guess this is also going under the assumption that what the wall adapters provides each light is the best voltage and current to supply them.

    Hope this was enough to describe the situation and I'll of course provide any other info needed. Just trying to find the best way to do this using readily available parts. Thanks in advance!
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    If you connect 6 lights in series you will need a 24V supply and 0.75A minimum. It is ok if the current rating of the supply goes higher. The current required is determined by the load, not the power supply.

    If you connect 3 lights in series you will need a 12V supply which is more common.
    If you connect two chains of 3 lights to the same 12V supply you will need a supply that is rated at 1.5A or higher.
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    Feb 19, 2010
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    Do you have any other information on what the adapter does? The LED itself needs a regulated current, and the voltage at the LED will be adjusted to maintain that current. The "adapter" may contain the electronics needed to accomplish this.

    Home HVAC systems run on 24VAC, so that might be helpful. But you need current regulation somewhere in your system.