Laser attachment to 3D printer

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I am thinking to add a laser attachment to my 3D printer.
Did anyone have experience with them?! How difficult is to connect and mount them? Is any special software required?

I saw a lot of cheap units on Ebay (Chinese mostly) but I am not sure about their quality.

Checked Endurance lasers web site and it seems like that guys offer pretty good variations.
Did anyone try them?

Thank you?

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You’ll put your eye out, kid. :p
This is not a joking matter. A Laser pointer is 5mW. This Laser is as much as 10 watts. 2000 times brighter. :eek:

The Endurance lasers are blue. It is going to be quite difficult to safely run such a powerful Laser without some dangerous light leaking out.

Personally, I would stay away from the Endurance lasers guys. A really flashy web site but not one word on safety.

Note that CO2 Lasers were easy. "All" you needed was an optical filter that would let visible light through and effectively block IR.