l298N motor driver one terminal is not working.

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Hello guys, Im beginner in this field, so pls be patient with me. So here's my question, Why is one of the terminal (they call it motor1 ) of l298n not working but the other side(the motor 2 ) is working. By the why I am using 2 linear actuator same 12v and my power supply is 12v and i did the 5v connected to the 12v supply. Also did the change position thing, I put my linear actuator 1 to the terminal of linear actuator 2. That is why I am sure that Terminal 1 or what they call motor 1 is damage.

I was able to replace the l298n because my first l298n was damaged and then I replaced it so now it is the second one I use and it has been damaged over and over again then I found out they have the same fault.

what would be the possible reason why i encounter this kind of problem? and can it still be fixed? because it cost a lot.


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Show your schematic. As it is actually wired. You do have both #1 and #2 controls wired to your signal source don't you?