Kipor AVR Component level question

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Dean Knight

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G'day folks,

Small question I have that somebody with bit of knowledge of components maybe able to answer

I have a KIpor generator that AVR has failed, this was replaced by another style which promptly failed (its based in Zimbabwe so anything goes at times)

Locally I have a supplier in Australia who has the correct part however the capacitor rating on their replacement unit is lower (350v 470 uF Micro farad) than capacitor on the failed AVR 450v 680 uF (Micro farad)

They have advised me the voltage on my AVR would be rated for 3 phase,despite the unit being a single phase generator, with wiring to suit.

So I am wondering if the lower rating would work OK or fail prematurely ?


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On the net I see KI-DAVR, 6624.09.00027 that uses a 350V, polarized, 470 uF cap. This might for 5kVA
unit? Could not find enough detail to see how Cap. is used.