Kenwood 1090VR cutting off

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Hi guys,

Bought a Kenwood 1090VR and after 3-4min, the sound shuts off (the amp stays on, I can hear the sound if I turn the volume all the way up). After I opened it, I could see that the fan wasn't plugged into anything... I usually repair computers software-wise, so my hardware knowledge is very limited... Is there any easy way to repair the amp?

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Well, might want to start by figuring out if the fan is good and where it is supposed to be connected. Might just be a simple as reconnecting it.

Service manual can be downloaded here:

The schematic is a bit confusing. The fan appears to be a 24 VDC unit. It is connected on the 'main' board near Q24. Manual page 38. Nearby references are WH25, CN1, and C11. Q24 is on the main board shown in the manual page 20. I see a 'CN11', but can not find WH25, CN1 or C11. Maybe it is clearer on the actual unit.

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The last Kenwood product that I repaired had a problem with failed solder connections. So if getting the fan to work does not fix it, I suggest inspecting the solder connections.
But it does seem like something somewhere may be getting hot and shutting down.