Issue with JOHNSON FITNESS JDY14PL Revd Control Board

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I have a TEMPO 621T treadmill, and I am having issues with the drive motor "not running". I have recently replace the belt and I believe while doing that I short circuit the green (vertical) PCB in the picture below. The machine was turned off but I guess the circuit holds the charge for a while but I accidently touched the metal belt roller to it.

The main panels lights up, the inclination works fine but drive motor doesn't run. I have tested the motor with a battery and it works fine. I have limited knowledge about electronics and that way I am seeking guidance from you folks.

The board is JOHNSON FITNESS JDY14PL Revd.

I would appreciate if you can guide me where to start the troubleshooting for this particular board. Thank you in advance.



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Not familiar with that board, but most likely the device fastend to the heat sink is a Mosfet or BJT and would be the prime suspect.
Also check for DC voltage on the output of the bridge rectifier.

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Thank you Max. I will test Mofset tonight. The voltage on the bridge rectifier is 20V, and the voltage available on the motor connection ports on board is 18volts.


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Hi There. Sorry to hear of the trouble but yep, if you touched that daughter board with a roller and saw a spark, that unit is over. There is a PIC CPU chip on there that is a fuzz sensitive, and I haven't seen these hold a charge for long unless a bleeder circuit fails, as we did have passive bleeders across those larger input caps. The output cap, originally an 820u 16v would hold a charge if powered without a data cable plugged in to bleed it off, but that was less than 12v output so not a lot of sparking available there. Either way, the cost isn't too bad for a new unit, the daughter board is all SMT and coated, making any possible rework rough, and the PIC chip thing makes most DOA. sorry