Is this 99.9% ribbon cable ? TV set


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Four hours and no answers. This is likely because we have no idea what you are talking about. I could guess, but I’d rather you actually explain what you are asking.


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i see one TV in advertising site. In pictures is shown that the display assembly is not broken. I have shown 4 pictures from the advertise. Do you think the problem is the cable between the display board and the display also known as lcd cable(if the tv is lcd not led)


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Where is the ribbon cable? I don't see any ribbon cable in those pictures. Do you see ribbon cable in those pictures?
IMHO your chances of making a successful repair are close to a very low order of probability.


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My first question is, if the TV doesn't work, why are you paying for it? I have TVs given to me all the time because theyndon't work. T-Con boards are popular replacement items but not the only thing that goes bad. A lot of the newer TVs have bad backlighting and power supplies. Things as simple as an LED replacement get them up and running again. Speculating is not the correct way of diagnosing a TV issue. Do some homeowork and you are most likely to come out a winner . A ribbon cable is not likely to fix your problem.

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not so rare i am seeing answers which are really stupid and i am not gonna regret for my comment.

People should begin read carefully the content of one thread.

Let make some summary for you - i have pc and gsm service and store and have repaired TV sets too. I saw advertise in one site and am just giving the info that the seller is showing./he is not in my town/

Altough help for the someone who gaved helpful answers.


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I doubt it's the ribbon cable. To get a good answer as to what the problem is with the TV you'd have to show us a lot more pictures and give a lot more detail. Does the seller say what happened to it? Was it dropped? liquid spilled on it? something dropped on it?

$1 is about all I'd pay for it. Although a lottery ticket might be the better gamble with the dollar.