Is there a way to convert VGA or HDMI to only 2 color black and white instead of gray scale?

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I find color distracting to me and the brightness and contrast are too disturbing. So I'm hoping to switch to black and white, all the software solutions available to me from Windows 11 and graphics driver are only able to reduce color output to gray scale.

Gray scale has around 256 colors I think, I want something which is only two colors, black and white. Is there a way to achieve this?


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Even if you could do it, it would break your UI and many things would become unreadable. All background fills would have to be either black or white and the text on them would have a 50% chance of being the same color.

To effectively do what you are asking for would required actually processing the content, not just the signal.

Also, there is nothing more contrasty than duocolor black and white, and the white would be fully bright. I am not sure your proposal would solve the problem you are trying to solve.