Is my charger damaged?

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Taylor Moffitt

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My friend plugged a 5V 1.5A charger into one of my tablets which uses 5V 1.8A (or 2A, I can't remember). It was only plugged in for about 10-15 seconds before I saw and told him to unplug it. I know that plugging a charger into a device that draws more power than the charger outputs, can damage the charger, and that a damaged charger can damage your device.

Is it likely that he damaged the charger even after having it plugged in for just a brief moment? I don't want to cause even the slightest damage my phones battery next time I charge it.


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My friend charged his 30,000 mAh huge battery bank (needs 2A charging) but he charged the bank with ordinary 0.7A charger supply and eventually he melt down two chargers supply.

I found the chargers' power supply's output voltage is dependent to load current, same as in linear transformer's output voltage vs current. So adding a huge load would drop the output voltage very low and produce excessive heat.

Also ordinary charger supply has a 1A output rectifier which may burn with 2A load.