Is it problem if SSR operating under in between thresh hold voltages.

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    Jul 5, 2017

    The SSR which I'm using part code 2966595 it is a 24V SSR.
    operating voltage between 14 V & 0V . when it is ON & off. Is it cause failure?

    As per datasheet Switching threshold "0" signal voltage is ≤ 10 V & Switching threshold "1" signal voltage is ≥ 16 V.
    In 14 V the SSR gets turning ON. Is SSR failes if it operating under in between thresh hold voltages,is it ok operating under this condition!

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    The range 10V < signal < 16V, is called the dead band. It’s there for a reason. Because the output of the SSR for that signal range is undefined. Sometimes it will be ON. Sometimes it will be OFF. The circuit designer cannot tell. While you’ve experimentally determined that 14V is sufficient to turn the SSR ON, maybe it won’t tomorrow.

    Maybe your neighbor installs a high power WiFi router... Maybe the police put a radar trap on your street... Maybe there is a solar flare... Maybe your A/C cuts out.., Maybe the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars...

    You just can’t tell and hence your circuit is unreliable.
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