Is it possible to run a Micro DC Motor with a Solar Cell Panel only with a Smartphone screen light in a black box?


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Yes, I believe a micro motor with the proper power solar panel in contact to the phone screen can run. Choose the solar panel the size of the phone screen. If needed, a box would work better lined with reflective foil instead of black inside.


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From the link.

“The solar cell soldered to the motors wires and its sufficient to power the motor in direct sunlight. Solar Panel 0.5V 15mA max output.

A cell phone light will not come close to the power of direct sunlight.



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Nail two things together, that have never been nailed together before, and some fool will buy it.
Think for a moment about overall efficiency of the process. It is positively abysmal.

Audioguru again

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The video shows the same or another solar panel in direct sunlight.
The solar panel in the ebay ad has seven 0.5V cells which are probably in series making 3.5V in direct sunlight.
The motor looks like the tiny 3.7V motor in a toy drone,