Is it possible to generate an RSS Feed for third party webpage updates?

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Hi All,

I recently joined an electronics service centre. We have an online tool where we have to regularly update the incoming service request details. Upon updating the service request details, after an Hour or two the same service request will be listed in a webpage. Our challenge is to know when/whether the service request has been listed or not in that webpage. Would be better if it is possible to generate an RSS feed whenever an update happens...

We don't have any write access to webpage. But still we need an utility here. Possible? Please Help.

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You will just have to poll the page periodically until you see a change then update an RSS feed that you are maintaining.

This is a trivial task, I am having trouble understanding where you are needing help with it. What is stopping you?


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Preferring a Trigger based method. Not possible?
I am not sure what you think that would mean. What would “trigger“ something? Where does it come from? If you imagined the perfect arrangement, what would be providing your ”trigger”?