Is it possible to find really damaged wires in this tester?


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I have a tester similar to the one shown and that can detect live wires by being near the wire, no contact needed. It will also test fuses or wires for continuity.


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I do not think a non-contact meter will detect a fault in a wire if wire still has continuity.
Also no not think much of the YouTube AC Line Detector. Parts may be something like
MPSA13 darlington , 2N3904, couple of resistors, & LED.
I use a high gain audio amp. ( Radio Shack ) with speaker for non contact location of dead Christmas tree lights.
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If you really need to use button cells, either use a cell holder or be very quick with the soldering iron. I had one explode when soldering to it.

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The extremely simple circuit does not detect a damaged insulation part of a high voltage AC wire. It simply detects that a wire has some high voltage AC in it if it is insulated or not.