Is 4x 5mm x 30mm Stacked Busbar is Enough for Earth Terminal

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A cable of 2.5mm2 minimum cross-section for the surge earth. This is large enough not to overheat or melt during any likely surge (and is unlikely to be the weak link in any case), yet it is convenient to handle and install. You must worry about inductance and the skin effect.
When power is transferred through conductive material, an electromagnetic field is created. This effect is called inductance. Stray inductance can interfere with nearby electronics, create excess heat, and even cause system failure if not properly addressed .Bus bars utilize the concept of mutual inductance cancellation. Essentially, the overlapping electromagnetic fields cancel each other out.mode.High frequency current flowing through a conductor generates an electromagnetic field, one effect of which is to confine the current towards the outside of the conductor. This is known as the ‘skin effect’ while the thickness of the layer to which most of the current restricted is the ‘skin depth’. The higher the frequency, the smaller the depth.At 50Hz, skin depth is of the order of 10mm, so is seldom a problem. However, lightning transients induced on cables have considerably higher frequency components (up to the order of tens of kHz) in which case the skin depth – which is proportional to the square root of the inverse of the frequency – in copper is less than 1mm.